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Every Friday, I share food-related content that’s helpful, inspiring, or challenging to YOU, my lovely readers who want to cook more intuitively! This often looks like tips, strategies, deep-dives on ingredients, videos explaining my flavor philosophies, etc. Once a month, I share a recipe, and I ONLY share recipes with my email subscribers. There are a million and one recipes out there, and I don’t believe that writing more of them is the best way to help you cook. That’s why, instead, I share new ways of thinking about food and flavor, and strategies to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. My Friday email is the creative outlet in which I get to test out new ideas and see what resonates with my readers! I do have several recipes posted on my blog if you want to explore… Check out three-ingredient banana power pancakes, or my famous sizzled shallot vinaigrette!

Here’s some feedback from readers about my Friday emails!

“Love it!! I wouldn’t have thought of herbs in in categories like this but it is such a helpful and memorable framework!”

“Jess! I LOVE these emails. When I got the first one last week, I screen-shotted to my sister and told her how great the content is! Keep ‘em coming!”

“Loooooving these, Jess! So excited to see what you’re thinking about/working on and also deeply enjoying your advice. We cook a ton but it can be hard to fit it in during crazy weeks, so I love the advice on how to embrace and sweeten the whole process of cooking.”

“Thank you sooo much!!! This recipe is absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! I thought I would ‘test’ it yesterday - and the family devoured it!!! They couldn't stop raving, and told me to tell you that "this dip is absolutely awesome" !!! I'll definitely make it again for the 4th of July. I LOVE & really look forward to your emails :)

Some recent favorite emails:

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May 31: Spiced Up Mango Turmeric Chia Pudding Recipe!

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