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Hi! I'm Jess.

I'm a food educator, cook, and entrepreneur in San Francisco. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and lived in Washington, DC for 6 years before moving west. I’m very passionate about getting busy people - especially beginners! - to cook more often at home. Thus, my cooking classes focus on everyday, craveable, conscious home cooking - food that is realistic to make, good for you, and so delicious that you actually crave your own food over what you can get somewhere else.

I teach a realistic approach to cooking and eating well that promotes delicious meals, healthy habits, and finding joy in the practice of cooking and eating at home. This year I am focused on developing more online content (recipes, guides, videos, etc) to help people more easily integrate cooking into their busy lives. Check out my Instagram Stories for cooking tips, tricks, and my real life cooking at home in my kitchen.

My mission in life is to positively change eating habits in America. Before venturing out on my own, I spent three transformative years working at Revolution Foods, an amazing company that makes healthy lunches for schools across the U.S. While there I spent time in schools across the country and witnessed firsthand the importance of teaching healthy eating habits from young age. This experience provided the foundation for my life goal to get cooking taught in all schools in America.

I am honored to have been featured in Modern Fertility's blog post for International Women's Day in March 2018, celebrating "women who are making lives and careers that are 100% authentic to them." Check out the article here


Every meal is an opportunity to experience pleasure, joy, and gratitude.
When you seize this opportunity daily, life becomes more enjoyable.

Cooking is good for you - body, mind, and spirit.
Beyond just eating well, the physical act of cooking engages all your senses and  - once you’re confident enough to enjoy it - gives your mind and spirit the time/space to wander and unwind. (Amazingly, this can all take place as part of the necessary activity of feeding yourself!)

The act of cooking promotes connection - to yourself, others, and the natural world.
When you cook for yourself - it is an act of self-love. When you cook for others, it is an act of service that connects us more deeply to one another. Cooking your own food fosters better appreciation for where food comes from - the people that cared for the ingredients before they got to you, the animals that may have contributed to your meal, and the wonders of the natural world where food grows.

Cooking is a practice that becomes a way of life (and a lifelong journey).
Like anything, cooking requires practice to become confident. The more you do it, the better you become. When you fully realize the deeper benefits and joys of cooking, and once you learn how to integrate the practice of cooking into a busy life, cooking becomes a lifelong imperative. 

Why GARLIC PRESS, you might ask? The garlic press is one of my favorite kitchen tools, for sentimental reasons. I'm Italian and Lebanese, and we eat A LOT of garlic. Growing up, my mom would often give me the task of pressing the garlic (a great job for kids!), and my Nonna's shiny silver garlic press was always out on the counter waiting for me when I came over to help make our ultimate family comfort meal - spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce and garlic bread. 

Like a garlic press, I enjoy squeezing the very most out of life - both in and out of the kitchen :).

P.S. Read more here on how I got into food in the first place.