My first YouTube video! This is an explanation of my Garlic Press Jess "Cooking Teaching Framework," which frames how I view the "cooking journey." This helps me think about how to accomplish my mission of getting busy people to cook more at home! Let me know what you think in the YouTube comments!



does this describe you?

It’s the weekend. You’re enjoying your freedom, when that feeling starts to creep in… “I should probably go to the grocery store to get some food for the week.” You head to the store, no list, no plan - you’ll figure it out when you get there. You wander around, picking up some staples, thinking “what should I make this week?????” Maybe you pick up a plethora of snacks since those are always a safe choice; maybe you grab some veggies and other raw ingredients that you’ll figure out what to do with when you get home. But by the time you get home, or on a weeknight later that week, you arrive home from work STARVING, too tired to cook and your Sunday inspiration has passed - what were you thinking you’d make with this stuff?!?! The fresh food later ends up going to waste, and you feel guilty.

OR maybe you’re more of a planner. You spend an hour on Sunday looking up recipes and write down the ingredients to get. You head to the store with your list and end up buying a bunch of unfamiliar spices and wonder if all of these are really necessary. You go to the big effort of cooking this elaborate recipe, but the dish turns out just OK and if you’re being honest, the effort wasn’t worth it. Now your small city pantry is jammed up with stuff you’ll probably never use again.

Maybe one of these describe you, or maybe you’re a hybrid of the two. Either way, the idea of cooking at home sounds appealing and necessary - like something everyone should know how to do - but in reality it brings up feelings of uncertainty, stress, and dissatisfaction. 

I’m here to change that with my first online cooking course called….

Backpocket cooking plan:

This course represents my answer to the question “What should I cook this week?”


  • It’s a 5 week, self-paced course, it takes roughly 3 hours a week (about 30 mins of lessons and about 2 hours of cooking per week)

    • 1 week of “foundations” about setting up your kitchen, pantry, and equipment 

    • 4 weeks of cooking lessons/weekly cooking plans + video/audio/printed content

  • 16+ of my BEST bang-for-your-buck, tried and true simple recipes that I make over and over again PLUS the techniques behind the recipes

The weekly cooking plans follow the same formula of dishes: 1 stew, roasted veggies, a marinated salad, and a sauce/dressing. Each week builds on the last one, teaching you the theories and best practices behind each dish. At the end of the course, my goal is that you’ll have four reliable plans that you’re confident in making and can rely on when you need them, AND you’ll understand the principles behind each dish that will allow you to start making your own plans with ease and ultimately, cook without recipes. If that sounds good to you…


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Thanks so much for your interest and for joining me on this journey! Love, Jess