Small-Group private cooking lessons

I also teach private cooking lessons for smaller groups of 1-4 people. Pricing starts at $150 per person for 2 hours. Menus are customizable, change seasonally, and focus on veggie-forward, practical recipes you will be able to replicate at home. See this page for some options.  Email me for more information and to book!


personalized cooking coaching (ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON) 

For anyone who feels "stuck in a rut" in the kitchen, wants to cook more but doesn't know where to start, or needs to change their diet for health reasons but doesn't know how to make healthy food taste good - I'm here for you!  I firmly believe that cooking regularly (and improving your health) is all about habits. If you start small and change little habits over time, it can eventually lead to a big difference in your life. Sometimes you just need a little help and an accountability buddy to keep you on track! The idea = A 30-minute to 1-hour call with me once/week for $45 (or $35 for the first one), in which we will discuss your cooking/eating habits. Our goal will be adjust two small habits and I will give you customized ideas on how to do that based on your current eating/cooking habits, favorite foods, and personal goals. I will give you customized recipe recommendations and realistic, one-recipe cooking homework, which I will talk you through in advance. I would be somewhat available for questions during the week when you are cooking to help you through. Email me for more information or to schedule!