2017 Wall Calendar with 12 Seasonal Recipes

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2017 Wall Calendar with 12 Seasonal Recipes

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I'm excited to be offering my first printed product - a wall calendar featuring a collection of the best recipes I created last year! 


  • 11" x 8.5"
  • printed on 100lb cardstock
  • Free shipping/delivery included in the price
  • If you live in San Francisco/the Bay Area and would rather pay cash/venmo, send me a note at garlicpressjess@gmail.com to arrange! 
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This is a collection of my best recipes - a few old favorites and a slew of new ones I came up with in 2016, illustrated with my own photos. They are all exceedingly delicious, pretty simple/easy, well-tested on friends, veggie forward (and thus pretty healthy), and mostly adaptable to your dietary preferences. My favorite things to make are foods that are flexible - a marinade that doubles as a salad dressing, a stew that doubles as an appetizer spread, a roasted cauliflower side that can also be blended to make a creamy soup. I tried to keep the ingredient & instruction lists simple, while also introducing you to a few of my favorite flavor-packed pantry staples and farmer's market favorites. Give the gift of cooking with a calendar that might just gently nudge it's owner to the stove when she checks on that upcoming appointment. I can't wait to see what you think when you try these recipes, and answer your questions along the way!

The recipes:
January: Squash Coconut Comfort Soup
February: Breakfast Bircher Muesli
March: Harira - Morrocoan Chickpea Stew (or Mezze Dip)
April: Caesar Salad Dressing two (or 3) ways
May: Avocado Endive Bites
June: Lime Cilantro Marinade + Dressing
July: Tomato Corn Salad/Topping
August: Ginger Curry Mussels
September: Beans & Greens & Sausage
October: Pumpkin Dip
November: Tarragon Roasted Sweet Potatoes  
December: Turmeric Thyme Cauliflower Roast

Notes included on ways that at least 11/12 recipes can be made gluten free/dairy free/vegetarian/vegan if they're not already :)